The official Melt-Banana site. It has a band history, a discography, tour dates, and a message board, all replete with broken English!
This is Skin Graft's Melt-Banana page. Skin Graft just recently launched their site and they're looking for traffic, so here's a link for 'em: Skin Graft Records.
This is Melt-Banana's booking agency for the US. (The Kork Agency also claims to be booking Melt-Banana, so who knows? They're also booking Uz Jsme Doma, an excellent band.)
Melt-Banana's booking agency for Europe. Their Melt-Banana page is here.
Southern Records (Skin Graft's distributor) has an outdated Melt-Banana page here with a bio, some photos, a discography, and the video for Scratch or Stitch's "Sick ZIP Everywhere."

Smelly's Diaries
Plainfield leader and Melvins roadie Smelly Mustafa has a few detailed tour diaries (from when he roadied for Melt-Banana) here, along with some pictures and some links of his own. Caution: Smelly seems to be insane at times.
Tzadik's site for At Light Velocity.