Eric Greenwood reviews Teeny Shiny for Drawer B magazine.
Amelia Abreu briefly reviews Teeny Shiny and the band itself in this promotion for an upcoming show. Calls Melt-Banana "the American rock band of the future." Okay.
StradaNove's Stefano Biondi reviews Teeny Shiny; I've made a go at translating it here.
Midheaven Mailorder has a nice description / review of Teeny Shiny, Cactuses Come in Flocks, and Charlie and several 30 second RealAudio samples.
Review of At Light Velocity.
Kind of a review of At Light Velocity mixed with quotes from a short Yasuko interview mixed with a promotion for a show. Very positive.
Music fanzine Cracked Machine has these very positive reviews of Charlie and Scratch or Stitch.
David McGurgan reviews Charlie. Courtesy of CDNOW.
CMJ-NMR's short review of Charlie. Courtesy of CDNOW.
Puncture Magazine's Jay Ruttenberg reviews Charlie. Courtesy of CDNOW.
Yakuza Magazine reviews Charlie.
A review of Charlie that just kind of meanders about without reviewing the album.
Bewildered review of Charlie.
A "girl site," whatever the cunt that means, has a pretty amusing review of Charlie.
A short review of Charlie from Mirrors Q Vagueness, "an archive of quick independent music reviews."
Edge of Obscurity Music Database entry for Scratch or Stitch, with a short review / description.
This is an Italian review of Scratch or Stitch. It has a 53-second excerpt from "Sick ZIP Everywhere."
A glowing review of Scratch or Stitch from Ultra E-Zine. Includes a 650k wav audio format snippet of "What Do You Slaughter Next?"
A bewildered positive review of Scratch or Stitch from the Luna Kafé e-zine.
Has a description / review of the band and Scratch or Stitch.
Edge of Obscurity Music Database entry for the It's in the Pillcase seven-inch, with a short review / description.
This has a review of the Ten Dollars a Pile / Disposable Weathercock seven-inch. The review is nonsense, but it has a 45 second RealAudio clip of "Ten Dollars a Pile": not the Scratch or Stitch version, but one which begins with a piano rearrangement of the song (which is pretty hilarious; it sounds like one of Bartok's Mikrokosmos).