Melt-Banana, Teeny Shiny review
Written by Stefano Biondi
Translated by Cole Mitchell

I know for certain only that they come from Tokyo, Melt-Banana, and that they've already matured as a band, from a lot of experience. Besides that, they might be a band of psychotic children who make an afternoon snack of mescaline; or perhaps a swarm of enraged bees flying at great velocity, creating an infernal buzz. As though the obsessive rhythm of the Underground Resistance's manical techno (Detroit's electronica) grabbed their instruments and tried to imitate the early Hüsker Dü: simply devastating!

Perhaps it's only because I know nothing about this genre, but Teeny Shiny is truly a master work: hardcore shot down the railroad at 300 km/hr, formed from a voice that's scratched to the limits of sustainability (Yasuko), deafening sirens, a schizophrenic bass, and a hammer-drill-drum (Oshima). A dizzying and furious cadence that proceeds without pause for 30 minutes, rending the listener to pieces.

Notwithstanding the extreme character, these are very amusing pieces structured in a simple manner with pinpoint accuracy: the immediacy and the effectiveness of the offering strike right at the heart: a missile from the Orient!