Chicago, Illinois (PolyFest 2000); 11-24-00; full-length (Real Video webcast); setlist. [Full show; and beware: there's a little period in the middle of "Cub, Not Cube" where the sound goes bad; I dunno why.]

Jacksonville, Florida; 10-20-00; 14 songs (14 mp3s); full-length (1 mp3); setlist. [This is only the first 3/4 or so of the show].

Ft. Smith, Arkansas; 07-26-99; 14 songs (12 mp3s); setlist. [This is the full show].

This "grindcore is art" site has an mp3 of Charlie's "Spathic!!" available.
This Italian fan site has an mp3 of "Party Hat" from Cactuses Come in Flocks (and the "Miracle of Levitation" compilation CD).
I have 15 other mp3s available here. 14 are album cuts and the other is a live cover.


(If asked, I will take these down. There are two possible effects from these mp3s being available: (1) People download them and think "Wow! With these few Melt-Banana mp3s, I have no need to buy any Melt-Banana products!" (2) People download them and think "Wow! This Melt-Banana band is so awesome, I need to buy some Melt-Banana products!" I have no reason to think that the first effect will outweigh the second; I figure that this will help the band.)

Also: don't download these unless you own the albums they are from.