Ram Samudrala (he of Cheesy Home Page fame) has a review of a Melt-Banana / Mr. Bungle show from 1995. He didn't really understand Melt-Banana.
A review of an October 1998 Florida show.
Review of an October 1998 Knitting Factory show (NY). Also touches on Charlie.
A review of one of the 1999 Vaz / Melt-Banana / Melvins shows.
Review of a 1999 show in Philadelphia.
Review of a July 1999 show.
The Rock Of Japan site has this short review of a July 1999 Knitting Factory show.
Some guy named Skippy reviews a September 1999 London show. Includes a little quote from NME.
The Synthesis Magazine reviews a Nov. 1999 show.
Review of a Sept. 1999 show in Dublin with a few photos.